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Sorority Stereotypes: Why You're Only Hurting Yourself

Let’s be honest. Every sorority has a stereotype. Whether good or bad, there’s always a certain connotation that each group has, and unfortunately, that’s usually how every member in the the group is perceived. At the same time, stereotypes are formed for a reason. Some aspects of them usually tend to be true, but are then applied unanimously and ultimately to the entire group.

The reason stereotypes are so prevalent is because they’re easy. It takes a lot less time to make a snap judgement about an entire group of people based on rumors and limited interactions, then get to know the group as unique individuals.

Sorority Stereotypes: Why You’re Only Hurting Yourself
The women of Sigma Theta Chi

When you accept a stereotype, whether about a sorority or another group, you are cutting yourself off from the possibility of new friendships and experiences. And it isn’t even that the bad stereotypes are hurting you, but the ‘good’ ones too. Everyone is their own person, and a unique individual. By assigning universal characteristics to individuals in a group, you are erasing the details that make up their very being. This hurts you and it hurts them.

So think twice before believing and accepting stereotypes. After all, being closed minded is horribly out of fashion.

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