Wanderlust or Wardrobe 'Must': The Value of Experiences Over Things

I love shopping. Especially online shopping, it’s just way too easy and convenient. However, I’m most likely not going to have that 40% off top for the rest of my life. And even if it is only a few dollars investment, that money could be put towards something more lasting. Something like travel.

Traveling not only lets you have new experiences and immerse yourself in different cultures, it can also help you find confidence. It takes a certain type of courage to spend time in a far away place with different societal norms, expectations and pretenses. It will also prepare you for new adventures and challenges in life.

Wanderlust or Wardrobe ‘Must’: The Value of Experiences Over Things

This time spent away from home and your typical daily routines can also give you a new perspective. A lot of times we think our way is the best, our opinion is the correct one and so on, forgetting that different situations make for different views. While not every view is correct, all can teach us something, or show us a different way of thinking. You don’t even have to go that far- traveling to a different state can still give you a different take on social, political and religious current events.

While I am not really a fan of the Phrase “YOLO” (‘you only live once’), there is definitely something to be said for taking advantage of the opportunities and resources around us while we are able. We are young and have, quite literally, the whole world right at our fingertips in a way most of our parents never did. Why not take advantage of the opportunity now, before we have careers or start families?

I personally would rather have the unforgettable experiences and adventures over boxes full of ‘things’ that will become obsolete over time. Traveling and exploring the world is an investment not only in your future, but in your self.

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