7 Fabulous and Fun Philanthropic Fundraising Ideas

As Philanthropy Chair this semester, one of my jobs is to plan all our our events that contribute to our philanthropies. Theta Phi’s have two: The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built and The Glenmary Home Missioners. Here are some ideas for your next philanthropic fundraiser!

1. Raffle Baskets!

Raffle off baskets of scratchers, school supplies, snacks, spirit gear, gift cards, etc. Sell 3 tickets for a dollar and people can increase their tickets to win the baskets!

7 Fabulous and Fun Philanthropic Fundraising Ideas

2. Kissing Booth!

Bring in cute puppies to provide kisses during finals week! Or sell bags of Hersey Kisses to hungry students in the student center. A sweet treat for everyone!

7 Fabulous and Fun Philanthropic Fundraising Ideas

3. Flower Delivery!

Sell your org’s flower and have them deliver it! Students can surprise their significant other or best friend, and who wouldn’t love having a flower deceived to you in the middle of your boring english lecture?!

4. Restaurant Night!

Everyone’s favorite sandwich shop down the road would love all those customers, students will love 10% off, and your philanthropy will love the donation! Win- win for everybody.

5. Talent Show!

Host a talent show and showcase Student talent! All the money raised will go to your philanthropy, and everyone has a fun night out!

6. Crafting Fair!

We all love crafting, so why not make a profit off of it? Buy canvases in bulk and make a sisterhood event out of it. Make canvases for any student to buy and sell them during a common hour at school! Better than your average bake sale.

7 Fabulous and Fun Philanthropic Fundraising Ideas

7. Sports Tournament!

Who doesn’t love some friendly competition between Greeks? Host a sports tournament, dodgeball, basketball, softball, etc. and have every org have two or three teams to play each other!

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