5 Reasons To Love Your Pledge Class Sisters

When I first started recruitment I was really looking forward to being a part of a sisterhood and having all these new girls to love and have them love me. I was always concerned about what the already initiated sisters thought of me and if they liked me. I wanted to create bonds with them and focused on them. Looking back I think that was fine what I did but a big mistake! I really should have taken time to get to know the girls I share my class letter with. Even though that’s why there’s the New Member process, I still should have paid more attention to them during recruitment because I can say that I’m in love with the 14 girls I can say are Epsilons (like me!), and here are 5 reasons why you’re in love with your pledge class also!

  1. They’re New . . . Like YOU! - We’re all going through the same process and new experiences together. There is no one who knows what is happening (unless information is leaked) and it helps because you go through the ride together! All your emotions and thoughts and nerves are more than likely all the same because what the heck is happening after all?! But that’s what makes it exciting and an amazing bond! 5 Reasons To Love Your Pledge Class Sisters
  2. You can find your best friend and not even know it! - Sure you think you’ve met an awesome group of people before recruitment and you totally did! But going through all these new things and meeting new people bring you closer and closer until suddenly you find a diamond in the rough! She is your exact opposite, exactly the same as you, a surprise. Nope! You basically just discovered your soulmate (or twin . . . depends who you ask). And before you know it your together all the time, people are asking you where the other one is or you’re moving in together! (Hi Roomie! <3)
  3. There will always be someone there for you - That goes for pretty much for any and all sisters but it really reigns true for your pledge class sisters. There will be (or can be) times during your New Member process when an initiated sister cannot help you for a reason or be there for you. Maybe you’re in a really big rush and they can’t make it. If your class is a big one, and even if it’s a small one, your pledge class sisters just want the best for you. So they will answer your 2 a.m call asking for directions home, and they will run from class to go get a cheeseburger with you because goodness they’re hungry too and they have a lab at the same time as your lecture class. The bonds are strong with this one. 5 Reasons To Love Your Pledge Class Sisters
  4. For the most part you will always have something in common - It doesn’t matter what it is. But of any pledge class there is always the one thing that you will all have in common. In my case it’s food. Oh food is big for us. Enough said. I can find a dining partner anytime I want one and vice versa for anyone else in my class. But there’s also things like TV shows that 99.9% of us all have in common or music tastes. It won’t be everyone that will have that one thing in common but there will be a huge chunk of you that do. And it’s okay if you don’t have one thing in common. You can easily find some things in common between you and another sister and that’s just as awesome! 5 Reasons To Love Your Pledge Class Sisters
  5. They’re yours! - At the end of the day we all have sisters that we have special bonds with or our bigs are our lives but your pledge class is really the girls you can rely on the most. I’ve come to be so protective of every single girl in my class and I love them all so dearly. I’m in love with my big and some of the other amazing bonds I have with the other sisters but that is nothing compared to my love for these girls. I will always be there to take our boy band pictures, or walk multiple girls home on crazy weekends. I love being able to sit down in a crowded social hall and just sit in silence happily with my headphones plugged in because I have another girl at the other end making faces at me. I love the phone calls asking for visits to keep them sane while they’re on a study marathon. And although I can’t make everything I try so hard to go out and support all 14 girls because I know they’d all come out and support me! They are the biggest support system you will find. Be happy and be grateful for them!

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