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Making Letters (For the Basic Crafters)

No matter who you are or what sorority you’re in you always want to wear your letters proudly across your chest and hold your head up high with a giant smile. These are your letters and no one will take them away from you!

Although the bid day shirts were awesome and all the other new shirts your chapter is blessing you with there’s a little concern we all have. Most of the time it comes financially. Letters can be pretty expensive especially when you see that one shirt you’ve been eyeing and you really really want it but unfortunately it costs way too much and blows your monthly budget out of whack. The best solution is simply creating your own!

Think about it, just buying a shirt from Michael’s, Walmart, Target, etc. for under $5 and usually a half yard of fabric that you can find anywhere that comes up between $3-$5 dollars, adding puffy paint that can range from $2-$4. If I add all of the expenses up thats a $14 shirt! Not too bad is it? The best part is that it’s killer simple too, the major thing you need like most crafts is simply patience.

You’ll want to add to your shopping list:

  • Shirt (your choice)
  • Fabric (your choice – I suggest about 1/2 of a yard)
  • Heat & Bond (if you want to iron-on your letters)
  • Puffy Paint
  • Thread (if you want to sew your letters)
  • Iron

Once you have all your materials from the store you can start by making stencils! Stencils can be anything, they can be plastic or made from oak tag paper, or index cards, etc. Sketch out your organizations letters and cut them out.

Then the order follows for ironing letters:

  1. Trace the stencils onto the paper side of the Heat and Bond
  2. Cut around the letter
  3. Place the rough side of the Heat and Bond on the back of your fabric and place the iron on
  4. Wait for the iron to melt the Heat and Bond to the Fabric
  5. Cut out the letters
  6. Peel the paper backing off the letters and place it in the design you want on the shirt
  7. Place the iron on the front side of the fabric and wait for the letters to connect to the shirt
  8. Place puffy paint around the edges

And you’re done! Super Easy!

Making Letters (For the Basic Crafters)Sewing is pretty simple also!

  1. Choose between hand or machine stitching
  2. Trace the letters on the back of the fabric and cut them out
  3. Align them on the shirt in the pattern you like
  4. Sew the letters on (hand or machine — machine recommend .1)
  5. Place puffy paint around the edges

And you’re done! Super easy!

All these shirts really take is patience and soon you can have a shirt all your own style!

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