Make a Fabulous First Impression for the First Day!

Everyone knows that the first day (well, even week) of class of the semester is the time to make first impressions and look great. Not that we all don’t look fabulous the rest of the days, but those first days are crucial. From the time of elementary school, we all made sure to look our very best in our new school clothes, and some things never change.

Although it is my junior year of college, I find that it is more important than ever to make a lasting impression for not only your classmates to remember you by, but the professors as well. These could very well be the figures that write you letters of recommendation in the future or help you find your career path.

With that being said, the look that I go for is cute and classy without overdoing it.

Make a Fabulous First Impression for the First Day!

  1. Bottoms: Since it’s still hot out, I find it totally acceptable to do shorts… but a stylish pair such as high-waisted shorts or J. Crew Chinos. It’s key to do a pair that fit well (no booty shorts), that look nice and that most importantly you feel comfortable in while walking across campus. From there, pair it with a top that works for the warm weather but still comfortable when you get inside with a possible blast of air conditioning.
  2. Tops: V-necks and three-quarter length sleeve shirts are always easy to mix. I try to keep it to fun colors that won’t necessarily pull too much attention. Make sure you’re wearing a fabric that breathes since it will most likely be hot that day. Keep it as flattering as possible throughout that long, hot day.
  3. Shoes: Who doesn’t love shoes? If anything that always seems to be the what I plan my outfit around. Due to my desperation to wear sandals until it becomes too cold to do so, I think a pair of cute sandals are perfect to wear. Trying a pair of [Jack Rogers sandals could dress up a cute look easily.
  4. Accessories: Accessorizing is key to pull together a look. With a cute backpack, accessorizing is one step easier. Personally I love my [ZTA Vineyard Vines Tote With it being extremely durable while fashionable, it is a bag that you can’t possibly go wrong with. A fun watch works perfectly to keep it professional, while making it fun with a simple bracelet stack on the other wrist.Make a Fabulous First Impression for the First Day!Make a Fabulous First Impression for the First Day!

Considering that I am known to plan ahead and arrange outfits early, most people who are even slightly familiar with me would not be surprised to know that I already have my first day outfit picked out. I plan on wearing my turquoise J Crew 3″ Chino Shorts (which also work great for representing ZTA!), a navy blue boyfriend t-shirt tucked in, with white Jack Rogers and lots of bracelets to stack with a silver necklace and silver watch.

Of course the look becomes a little more relaxed, with Norts making a presence in the later stressful days and going more for comfort than trends, but for now, it’s time to go back to school in style. What’s your first day outfit?

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