WWKMD: What Would Kate Middleton Do?

Every few years, a style icon comes along that sets a trend among all ages and personalities alike. The 1950’s had Audrey Hepburn (one of my personal favorites), the 60’s had Jackie Kennedy, the 80*’s had Princess Diana… and fast forward to today, another royal takes the crown for an image of trends, class and beauty. Kate Middleton (formally Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) has been trendsetting the past few years, with her style making front pages everywhere and her outfits selling out hours after she is seen wearing them. It’s no secret that she has taken the spotlight, and she most definitely deserves it.

As an epitome of class, she always looks put together and proper for any possible occasion that she is attending. From Cosmopolitan to Glamour to even TIME magazines, we see her gracing covers and pages issue after issue. The good news is, she makes it possible to recreate her looks and follow her lead while adding our own personal touches along the way.

WWKMD: What Would Kate Middleton Do?

Being a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, I was taught from the moment that I accepted my bid to always “Seek the Noblest”, so it only makes sense that I would seek the most regal and graceful of looks for my own personal style. Luckily Banana Republic just made that a whole lot easier.

Recently, Banana Republic launched the [Issa Collection, which is a collection of beautiful designs by Issa London- one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers that we have seen her sport time and time again. From dresses to wrap tops, it has the most timeless pieces that make you feel like a princess too all while keeping it much more affordable.

I recently bought the Banana Republic recreation of her famous Issa blue engagement dress from 2010, which set itself into everyone’s mind in the style world. Although it is hard to compare to a Kate Middleton original look, Banana Republic helped make it a little easier for this Sorority Stylista!

Note: Thanks to Courtney for pointing out a date error!

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