10 Thoughts A Dunkin Girl Has While Living On A Starbucks Campus

If you’re a DD girl, you have these thoughts all the time when you’re forced to settle for Starbucks:

  1. “What do you mean you don’t do styrofoam cups for the condensation on iced drinks?”
  2. “What do you mean a “tall” is a small? If we’re going to use difficult words for sizes, wouldn’t a “tall” drink be a large?”
  3. “What do you mean you don’t have sprinkled donuts?”
  4. “What even is a… scone? Is that like a donut?”
  5. “What do you mean you don’t have poppyseed bagels? No one even likes multi-grain.”
  6. “Why does this coffee taste so strong!?”
  7. “What do you mean my total is $4.95 for a drink…? Does that come with fries?”
  8. “Are there really no hash browns here?”
  9. “Why is there no where to sit and drink my coffee? Why are all these people doing work here?”
  10. “How many times am I going to get a random name written on “my cup”? AWK.

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