Why Being "Basic" Isn't a Bad Thing

According to Urban Dictionary, someone who is “basic” enjoys the following things: Starbucks, Uggs, taking selfies, pictures of dogs, leggings, iPhones, Forever 21, straightening her hair, Instagram, Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, and/or Nutella. And someone in our society, somewhere, decided that girls who like any of these things are of the same species, and that this species is an embarrassing insult to the human race. And I am here to ask one question: Since when did liking common things become a horrible thing? I personally enjoy every single thing that is on this so-called “basic” list, but I don’t consider myself to be a bad person in the least bit. I’m not embarrassed to say I have a Starbucks Gold Card, I own multiple pairs of the same black leggings and I have an obsession with Pitch Perfect; however, I don’t consider myself to be the same as every other girl my age in the least bit. So in my opinion, living the basic life isn’t all that bad.

Starbucks: I enjoy my coffee fix every morning, I won’t lie. I get my regular vanilla coffee with extra room, add my own cream and sugar, and I’m set for the rest of the day. But I’m pretty sure that “basic white girls” aren’t the only ones who enjoy Starbucks coffee, so why did that become the stereotype? And why is it so bad to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the fall when they come back into season? Have you ever tried those things? They’re like drinking fall in a cup, so sue me - and the rest of the “basic” population - for loving them.

Uggs: Alright this one is just silly to me. When fall comes and it gets cold out, there are shoes that have fur in them and will definitely keep my toes warm. Sign me up. I am all for that. I own four different pairs of Uggs and I wear them religiously when it starts to get chilly out. But I’m pretty sure keeping my feet warm isn’t a crime, nor is it an embarrassment.

Taking Selfies: We are all guilty of this one. And if you say you’ve never taken a selfie before, you are lying. How else are you supposed to take a picture of yourself with your best friend if no one is around? Exactly. It is a form of picture taking, so get over it. Sure, you don’t need to post a selfie every day on social media - but that’s not basic, just annoying.

Pictures of Dogs: I’m sorry, what? Why in the world is this “basic”?? Ever heard the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend”?? EVERYONE LOVES DOGS. So why is loving pictures of dogs such a bad thing? #confused

Leggings: I personally own about six pairs of the exact same black leggings. And I live in them. If you have never worn leggings, you have seriously never lived. It’s like the socially acceptable way to wear pajama pants in public. Plus, if you find the right pair, they’re incredibly flattering. So sorry that I enjoy being comfortable. But all of the hate on leggings in the world will not stop me from wearing my usual outfit of leggings, oversized t-shirts/sweaters (depending on the weather), and boots. Sorry bout it.

iPhones: Again, how is this basic? My dad owns an iPhone and I’m pretty sure no one has ever called him a basic white girl…so where did this one come from exactly? iPhones are the greatest smartphone out there and I think that’s a universal consensus.

Forever 21: Two words - cheap. clothes. Now I don’t live for Forever 21, it is not the end all-be all of my wardrobe. But if I need a cheap, cute dress and quickly, you can bet money I will start my search at Forever 21.

Straightening Hair: I have ridiculously curly hair. And not the perfect, adorable curls that everyone thinks comes with curly hair. NO. I have gross, unruly, frizzy curly hair that never EVER looks good natural. So when I want a quick way to make my hair look semi-presentable, I straighten it. Did you know, that a straightener was kinda made for that exact purpose - to straighten hair? If that’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

Instagram: I. Love. Instagram. Almost as much as I love taking pictures. There is just something about taking pictures that is beautiful to me - it captures a moment that can never happen again and it enables you to relive it every time you look at it. And Instagram is a way to share those memories and captured moments with your friends. I love it. And I have no shame whatsoever.

Pretty Little Liars: I am the first to admit that I LOVE this show. It is incredible, dramatic, scary, and so fun to watch. The whole reason I started watching it, however, was because I read the books by Sara Shepard which is a pretty legitimate reason to watch the show. And now I’m hooked. Sit down and watch one episode and I promise you will be sufficiently in love (and confused because you’ll be watching out of order but thats not the point). Plus, the cast of PLL is straight fire. Every single one of them is absolutely perfect.

Mean Girls: Everyone - and I do mean everyone - LOVES Mean Girls. It is a classic movie that is beyond quotable. So, basic? Or just fabulous?

Pitch Perfect: My love for this movie is driven by my love for the amazing music that comes along with it. I sing in an a cappella group at my university, so I thoroughly enjoy the similarities - and obvious differences - between my life and the movie version. Plus who doesn’t love Rebel Wilson? Hil-ar-i-ous.

Nutella: To whoever came up with this definition of basic: have you ever TRIED Nutella?! SERIOUSLY! It’s literally chocolate in a jar. With a few hazelnuts thrown in there. And it tastes good on everything. So how is liking this deliciousness a bad thing? And honestly if you don’t like it, you may need some help. Jusssayin…

So now, please, tell me how liking any of these things is bad? Please, enlighten me, because I am extremely confused.

I have been called basic SO many times, it’s sad. And I used to defend myself, get upset, and give a dirty look. But now I’ve realized that yes, according to Urban Dictionary, I am the definition of basic. I’ve accepted that. And I’m not embarrassed by that at all, nor do I consider it to be a bad thing. So to all of you fellow “basic” girls out there - embrace it, enjoy it, and realize that being basic doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Maybe we can be the people to turn the insult of being basic into a compliment. A girl who isn’t afraid to be who she is and enjoys the good things in life, like Starbucks and leggings.

Basics, unite!

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