Dear Big, Thank You For Changing My Life

Dear Big,

Thank you for changing my life for the better. I know this sounds extreme, but it’s true- every little thing you’ve done for me has had a positive impact on my life. I never expected to have such an incredible role model come into my life my sophomore year of college, but I am so thankful you did. I could list a million things you do that amaze me, but I did my best to narrow it down:

Thank you, for wanting me as a Little even though I’m older than you.

Thank you, for spoiling me with unconditional love- and gifts of course.

Thank you, for always respecting me and my decisions.

Thank you, for treating me as an equal.

Thank you, for listening to me vent about my days (good and bad).

Thank you, for helping me realize everything happens for a reason.

Thank you, for showing me what it’s like to really have fun.

Thank you, for understanding me so well after such a short amount of time together.

Thank you, for supporting my dreams, and being my #1 fan.

Thank you, for the countless times you’ve given me the best advice during the most difficult times.

Thank you, for always being available for hugs & snugs when I need them.

Thank you, for always being up for eating with me no matter what time of the day it is.

Thank you, for absolutely everything and for being YOU.

Love you always,


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