How You Know You’ve Found the Perfect Big

The Big/Little relationship is arguably one of the most important relationships within a sorority. Ideally, your Big becomes your best friend, your role model, your second mom, and your future bridesmaid. And if you’re lucky, like I have been, your Big lives up to all these things and more.

How You Know You've Found the Perfect Big

From the very first day I met Allie, I knew I had to have her as my Big. And holy cow, was Big-Little reveal week an emotional roller coaster. I tried my hardest to convince myself that no matter what, I’d be happy (I never actually thought that). And on Big-Little Reveal Night, I screamed and cried when I turned around and saw Allie. All was well in my book, but I had no idea just how perfect Allie would be for me.

Allie has been my Big for almost 12 weeks. And over the past 12 weeks, she has successfully rekindled my love for working out, picked up my broken pieces after the same boy broke my heart not once but twice, held me while I cried about mean girls, and taken both Carolina Cup and Zeta Formal with me by her side. She has proven to me that a Big can be so much more than just an assigned best friend.

  1. She knows when to hug me tight, when to laugh at me, and when to be my mom and scold me.
  2. She knows just what to say, when to say it, and how to make sure I actually listen to her.
  3. She knows how to balance having fun with studying and working her butt off, and she knows how to help me figure that out for myself.
  4. She puts up with my constant “love me” texts and “biggieeeee” Facebook posts, and sometimes she even throws in a “love you little one”.
How You Know You've Found the Perfect Big


  * She doesn&#8217;t judge me when I eat an entire of extra-large carton of extra-cheddar goldfish in one night…by myself, but you can guarantee she&#8217;ll drag my butt to the gym the next day for leg day.
  * She understands when I say &#8220;I&#8217;m coming over!&#8221; and then never make it because I ran into the guy I have a crush on and couldn&#8217;t bring myself to leave.
  * She&#8217;s not afraid to tell me when I&#8217;m being stupid, when she&#8217;s proud of me, or when it&#8217;s time for me to just go to bed and stop overthinking my life.
  * She&#8217;s always in the front row of my a cappella concerts, screaming my name.
  * She understands my ridiculous enthusiasm for anything sorority related and has just accepted the fact that nothing is too basic or srat for my liking.
  * She listens to my constant obsessions over Grey&#8217;s Anatomy, Friends, or anything wedding related.
  * She&#8217;s never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what is right, even if she&#8217;s the only one who thinks that way.
  * She is everything I could have ever asked for in a Big and then some.
  * She balances me out absolutely perfectly, she is my best friend, and I cannot even imagine what college would be without my Biggie.</ol> 

My hope for every sorority girl out there is that they get to be just as lucky as I am and find their perfect Big. Because when you find her, it is honestly such a beautiful, fabulous, perfect relationship that can never be replaced.

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