How I Learned To Be Happy & Healthy

My summer health kick has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. I returned home from my freshman year of college in mid-may and after a trip to Miami and hating every single picture I had taken on the beach, I was in absolute denial that I had actually gained the freshman 15. I thought that was a myth! That’ll never happen to me! I work out aaaaallll the time… Yeah. Let’s be real. An hour workout 2-3 times a week doesn’t exactly counteract the Venti Frappuccinos and bags of Doritos I devoured a little too often. I guess I just really couldn’t notice it while I was at school having the time of my life. But when I got home, oh my, did I notice it.

Not only did I hate the number on the scale, but for the first time in 2 years, I hated the way my body looked. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit and swore I was going to start a strict diet and go to the gym EVERY day.

My first step towards losing the weight was a crazy green smoothie cleanse. I prepared my own smoothies; 3 a day for 10 days… I couldn’t even last 4. The smoothies were a fail, and I was onto the next thing. A no-carb diet… which ended as quickly as it started. I really just couldn’t figure out what to do for the first month and a half, but then July came along and everything just fell into place. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard or demanding. I ate more vegetables and less junk food. Apples and peanut butter replaced chips and dip, and seltzer water replaced soda. I dedicated my days to being active no matter what. I nannied a couple days a week, and on those days I took 4 mile walks with a stroller. I started going to a trainer 3 days a week early in the morning to kick-start my metabolism. I got into running and went for runs around a local lake when I had a free hour, and going to the gym with my bestie from home became one of my fave things to do. Finally everything clicked and I started seeing results. Today, I can confidently say that I’m happy with my appearance, but that’s not the only thing that I’m happy with…

The easiest way to put it is when I first went home for the summer, I didn’t like myself. Like, at all. What got me to this point is that I let toxic people get the best of me and I lost a lot of myself along the way. I wasn’t me; everyone could tell. I wasn’t the happy, cheery girl that I usually was. This had been the norm for me for more than a few weeks, and sadly, I had accepted that I just wasn’t going to be happy for a while. It’s hard to think positively about what’s on the outside when you’re not thinking positively about what’s on the inside. After a couple weeks of sulking and being a foreign version of myself, I got over it. I sprung back to being the real me.

When I started to like myself on the inside, I began to like my outward appearance as well. The media portrays “skinny” as the only acceptable way to look. Well “skinny” just isn’t in the cards for me. I have muscles and curves and I LOVE THEM. Being fit & healthy is the new “skinny”. I realized that I’m a Khloe in a Kendall world.

A positive mind gave me motivation to get HEALTHY & FIT, not skinny. Body love is really important, but self-love is EVERYTHING. We can’t really rely on anyone’s love forever except for our own. LOVE YOURSELF OR NOBODY WILL!

Throughout this journey I learned some things I’d love to share:

  • The freshman 15 is real. Take care of your body in every aspect. Workout more often. Don’t order dominos every night. Starbucks tastes better when you don’t get it every day!
  • Crazy fad diets are quick fixes, and eating healthy = feeling healthy! It’s crazy how light you feel after eating a big salad with chicken opposed to eating a slice of pizza that weighs you down! Bye-bye bloating!
  • “Working out” doesn’t have to mean spending hours on end at the gym. Get creative & get active!
  • LEARN YOUR WORTH. Once you realize what you deserve, you wont ever settle for anything less. I learned this the hard way so here I am telling you out of experience. You deserve to be committed to; don’t compromise. It’ll take a toll on every aspect of your beautiful life.
  • Confidence is sexy. Flaunt what you got, love every aspect of your life, and don’t let anyone EVER let you think any differently about yourself.

I don’t wish the feeling of not loving yourself upon my worst enemy. It was a rough couple of months for me, but I got through it and I’m happier now than I ever was. Now, I love myself and I’ll continue living my happy, healthy life single until someone can prove to me that they can care about me as much as I care about myself.

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