Greek Life

Zeta Tau Alpha Is My Sunshine

If the sight of your sorority house brings you instant joy, welcome to the club. My definition of happiness is seeing my ZTA house, and no- it’s not just because the house is absolutely beautiful.

When I see my house:

  • It reminds me of all the wonderful people that have come into my life since I became a Zeta.
  • It reminds me that I will never, ever, be alone no matter what happens in life.
  • It reminds me that on a campus filled with thousands of people, I have a couple hundred that love me for who I am.
  • It reminds me to always be polite and professional. It reminds me to stay motivated and positive while studying for classes and exams.
  • It reminds me to try to keep myself as healthy as possible.
  • It reminds me to keep myself busy with clubs and organizations, so I can be as involved as possible in college.
  • It reminds me to be the best version of myself.
  • It reminds me to have a strong work ethic.
  • It reminds me that while I’m drowning in classwork, work, and extracurricular activities that I will have a sister checking in on me making sure I have fun too.
  • It reminds me that when I’m overwhelmed with life, that I have hundreds of girls ready to devour a bowl of ice cream with- and possibly run to get hushpuppies.
  • It reminds me that I have a safe and comfortable place to run away to when I’m having a bad day.
  • It reminds me that I have high standards to live up to every second of every day (you are always wearing your letters).
  • It reminds me that not only do I have a biological sister, but sisters across campus- and across the country.
  • It reminds me that I am apart of something bigger than myself.

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