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Love Free People? Try FPme, With Me!

I stand out, I dress differently than most individuals around me, and I love being adventurous with my style. All these different aspects of Me are truly what has gotten me where I am today. Being a huge fan of Free People, I was so excited when they launched FPme. FPme is the social network section of the Free People website, similar to Instagram, where girls can upload their personally styled Free People pieces and share their ideas with the Free People community.

Love Free People? Try FPme, With Me!

You can also tag the item(s) you’re wearing which gives potential buyers of that product the opportunity to see the item worn not by a model. Recently I was chosen to visit the Free People home office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because of my posts on the site. When I arrived, I was a boho in heaven.

Love Free People? Try FPme, With Me!

The Free People experience was something out of this world. Being surrounded by so many people who understood the way I thought and the way I look at things was not only inspiring, but motivating to me. I love fashion and although working in the industry felt somewhat out of my reach a couple days ago I now feel inspired and encouraged to run with my ideas and follow my dreams.

Love Free People? Try FPme, With Me!If there is anything out there you want to do, don’t let anyone tell you, or more importantly make you feel like, you can’t. A woman I met during my time at the office said to me, “You manifest your own destiny,” and she couldn’t be more right. With the encouragement from my amazing sisters I will write this blog, and I truly hope you guys enjoy what my style and creativity has to offer.

PS: Check out my Free People profile!

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