College Relationships: The 6 Types

Finding that one person who is special is hard to find in college. There are different kinds of relationships that you will find in college. No one type of relationship is the best one. As I like to say “to each their own”. Here is a run down of the main 6 relationships that you will find in college.

College Relationships: The 6 Types

1. The Fling

These are the people who are dating just because they can. Mainly they are just hooking up, but to the girl it usually means more. Your sisters who are in just a fling are probably annoying you because they won’t shut up about this guy. But we all know that this guy is just using her for one thing. Occasionally these flings turn into something more, but that is usually once in a blue moon.

2. The High School Sweethearts

These are the couples that we all envy because somehow they beat the world and stayed together throughout the numerous people telling them that it wouldn’t work.

3. The Hook-Ups

Hook-Ups are usually found after a drunken night at the bar. You leave together and we all know what you are doing. You may hook up another 1 or 2 times, but let’s be real its nothing more even though you think it is.

4. The “How do they know each other?”

This is the relationship that everyone is thinking the same thing, “I didn’t even know they knew each other?”. No one knows how they met because they are from 2 completely different groups. The truth about it is they probably met on tinder, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t find someone right now.

5. The Perfect Couple

This is the couple that is just perfect. They work perfectly together. They look perfect together. They bring out the best in each other. Everyone loves them, but everyone is jealous of them because they are just perfect.

6. The Long Distance Couple

The relationship that everyone says won’t work. I agree, to an extent. In my opinion distance relationships don’t work if you are coming out of high school and you and your high school boyfriend are going to 2 different schools. But I do believe that distance works for those who have been together for a year or so and are faced with a new adventure of a distance relationship. This can be caused by many reasons, one person leaves for the military, graduates and the other has not graduated, or one person ends up transferring. This relationship can work or not, it honestly depends on the couple. It is difficult, but it is like they say, “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

College Relationships: The 6 Types
Personally, I have had just about every single relationship described above, but now I’ve luckily found my perfect guy. Unfortunately he is transferring to Texas Tech in 2 short days so we are about to take on our own long distance challenge

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