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A Different Type of Sisterhood

I like to say that I am in 2 sororities, Zeta Tau Alpha & Kiss My Southern Sass.

A Different Type of Sisterhood

If you haven’t heard of Kiss MySouther Sass you are truly missing out. Here is the run down: Kiss My Southern Sass is an online store that sells super cute tanks, hats, koozies, and much more! Check out the website here: [Kiss My Southern Sass & don’t forget to use the code “AlyciaHester” at checkout.

Although it started out as just a simple sales rep position with Kiss My Southern Sass, I soon learned that it is something way more special than just a job.

When I first accepted my position at KMSS back in May 2012, we all got put into a giant Facebook group. We all immediately bonded. It felt like we are a huge pledge class of the Kiss My Southern Sass Sorority. We had never met each other in person, but we had a bond that could not be broken.

After a while many comments and messages back and forth, my favorite rep, Rebecca, commented and said “Alycia be my KMSS little!” I of course was more than ecstatic and said yes. Thus began the very first Kiss My Southern Sass Big & Little Family. Later we fell in love with another girl, Jenny. Then I claimed her as my very own KMSS little. Literally nothing could make me happier!

Us 3 seemed to be perfection. We texted every second of every day and we became the best of friends!

Rebecca lives in Virginia and Jenny lives in Georgia, but distance could never stop this friendship.

These 2 girls have been there for me through my hardest times. It is so strange to think that I have never even hugged them or met them in person. Luckily coming this August all the KMSS reps are having a meet up and I will FINALLY get to meet them!

A Different Type of Sisterhood

[Pictured: Rebecca (#1) & Jenny (#3) had a meet up, I cropped myself in from Texas]

Later, Kiss My Southern Sass took on another “pledge class” of reps. We made a huge group for all of the new reps and old reps and everyone began claiming bigs and littles! It was a bit unorganized, but somehow it worked perfectly!

Being the sorority girl that I am, you could say I went a bit overboard on claiming littles. I took 2 more littles thus giving me 3 littles in total. Kate and Sarah were my new additions to the family and I love them dearly! Later I adopted my 4th little, Abigail who is as cute as a button!

A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood

[Left: Kate; Middle: Sarah; Right: Abigail]

After a while, KMSS took another “pledge class” I caved into my obsession with littles and took 4 more littles, Emily T., Emily L., Denise, & Lauren!

(I know I have a problem. But I can’t help it, I love littles!)

A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood

[Far Left: Denise; Middle Left: Emily L.; Middle Right: Lauren; Far Right: Emily T.]

Not only did I add 4 more littles into my beautiful family, but I also became a Grand Big which couldn’t have made me happier! I am now a Grand Big to 9 lovely ladies

Jenny took 2 littles: Hannah & Cooper

A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood

Kate took 2 littles: Teila & Lauren

A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood

Abigail took 1 little: Erika

A Different Type of Sisterhood

And Sarah took 3 littles: Caroline, Erika, & Amy

A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood A Different Type of Sisterhood

I seriously could not be more blessed to have these gorgeous ladies in my Loud & Proud KMSS family!

I have only gotten to meet 3 of the wonderful ladies of Kiss My Southern Sass!

A Different Type of Sisterhood

[I got to meet Taylor, on Spring Break in PCB in 2013]

A Different Type of Sisterhood

[Kate came up and stayed the night and attended boys bid day with me]

A Different Type of Sisterhood

[I met up with Emily T. for some crawfish in College Station]

Many of these ladies have become my best friends in the world and I haven’t even gotten to meet all of them yet. Cooper has only been a part of our wonderful family for a few months and she already has helped me through some of my toughest life experiences.

The fact that I haven’t even met most of these girls and they still care for me more than anyone truly means the world to me.

Kate is not just my little, but my best friend. This girl literally helps me through anything and if I needed it she would be at my front door within a couple of hours if I needed her. She is one of the strongest women that I know and I could not be any more proud of her. These young women give the the courage to be the best that I simply can be everyday I wake up. God Bless Kiss My Southern Sass for giving me this opportunity to join such an amazing sisterhood! I can’t imagine my life without these strong women in it.

A Different Type of Sisterhood

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