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Where's the Handbook?

In a world of sorority lingo, there’s this constant talk of having “the best big ever.” There’s never really an exact explanation of why she’s “literally the best,” so you just accept the phrase since you can totally relate.

Bigs just know what they’re doing. They get it. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. And quite frankly if there’s a book that you read before you capture your little, please let me know because come fall it’s my turn to be “the best big ever.” Help.

Where’s the Handbook?
she gets it

While sometimes it’s hard to put in to words the traits of the best big, I’ve accumulated a few characteristics of my best big ever.

  1. She replies to every text message: Some days are hard, and texting can be plain annoying. But with my big, no text is ever left un-replied. No matter the time of day, the content of crazy or the length, she always replies back with exactly what I need to hear.
  2. She’s older and wiser: Chances are she’s been doing this college thing a little longer than you have. What may seem like the end of the world to you is rapidly dwindled to a bump in the road as soon as your big hears the sitch.
  3. She already has a friend group: Being a new member in a sorority can be extremely overwhelming when it comes to making new friends. Once your big takes you in under her wing, she introduces you to a plethora of new people. Just like that you’re actually a real person, versus the NARP (Not A Real Person) you were only a few months earlier.
  4. She checks in: She’s one of the few friends you have that will always check in no matter the distance, time away or lack of communication. It’s like she reads your mind too and makes sure all is right in your world at just the moment you needed it most.
  5. She is the best: Plain and simple. Honestly, when it all comes down, it really is hard to put into words just how great your big is. Because truly, she just is. And in this case, actions really do speak louder than words.

Thank you for being you big, life wouldn’t be as great without yah.

Where’s the Handbook?
“best big ever”

Future lit, I hope to be half the big that mine is one day…

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